Top 15 Safety Tips & Precautions Before an Earthquake hits

Top 15 Safety Tips & Precautions Before an Earthquake hits
Top 15 Safety Tips & Precautions Before an Earthquake hits

Top 15 Safety Tips & Precautions Before an Earthquake hits

Earthquake is one of the most destructive disasters our humanity has ever seen. As we already know all the disasters effects & damages the society but out of which the shaking of earth creates a panic. A huge no of earthquakes are recorded across the globe every year. Some of them are small & unnoticed while the larger one with very high magnitude leaves its impact over thousands of Kilometers. Quakes has destroyed the man’s habitat from thousands of years. No one can forecast the happenings of quakes but if we focus on some of the safety & security tips then we can minimize its impact. Now I am here to describe you some of the measures we should take before, during & after earthquakes to save ourselves from this big disaster.

First of all I will discuss the most common cause of this disaster. Earthquakes are caused mostly by rupture of geological faults, but volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear tests many a times also become one of the major cause of shaking of earth. This disaster cause naturally when the rock underground breaks suddenly due to some fault occur & released a very high amount of energy. The sudden release of very high energy creates a very high density seismic waves & this shakes the earth according to its impact.

Do’s and Don’ts Before  an Earthquake

Best Tips & Tricks to follow before Earthquake to minimize the effect

Some of the import measures you should follow to before the disaster to minimize its effect.

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  1. Always live in room which is strong & follows the safety measures of Earthquake resistance.
  • Your house or room in which you are living with your family should be safe from the shakes. If you are buying a house of flat then you should always checkout its constructions material used, its soil, beam & pillar. Try to create or design a structure which is rectangular or square. If you are buying a flat then try to avoid the structures which is L, U, V, Y or H shape.
  • If your building is of 2 floors or you are constructing a multi-story building then you are recommended to follow the safety guidelines & National building.
  • The Alam Should be placed on the correct position and check it regularly after some time interval for its accuracy & battery.
  1. Make a meticulous inspection of your house/Home/Shop/office/School/workplace

The strength and earthquake resistance of a building makes it perfect and you have very less worry about the earth shake. If you are constructing your own building then you should have a visit of engineer and meticulous inspection of home is necessary. The inspection of the home or office will exactly tell you the resistivity of your construction. Please note, “you should have a visit of engineer for at least inspection of your structure and its resistance towards high magnitude earthquake”. The concerned engineer who has inspected your work place will give you the written assurance. You can get it re-checked the document by any other concerned engineer to make youself less worry about the future.

  1. Within seconds a high-density earth shake will cause a lot of damage to your property, lead to death or injuries to both human & animals. From thousands of yours past no one has predetermined the earth quake only your safety and curiosity may save the life.
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Here are some of the safety instructions you should follow in your daily life so as to become ready for any disaster.

  • You should have some of the stable strong furniture’s in your room or drying hall. The furnitures may save your body during any disaster or any emergency. Make your wooden or Iron/steel structures get repaired as soon as possible.
  • Remove all the unstable furniture from your house because it may block your exit during the earth shake. The best thing is to fix all the heavy movable things so as to reduce any miss happenings.
  • You should care all the water heaters, gas tanks, fridge, AC, Almirah & get it secured by fixing it to the wall.
  • Fans & other electrical equipment which has been fixed to the roof should be checked after some time interval.
  • Heavy objects should be removed from high places, and all the emergency exits should be kept free of obstacles.
  1. Prepare yourself and your family for any disaster. It is your duty to save your family, so take a good insurance plan for your complete family against earthquake.
  2. You should have two or more duplicate keys off all the doors any make sure that all the keys should be easily assessable during disaster.
  3. Keep a tourch or lantern with battery next to your bed. You should also have a radio or transistor with battries as it will help you allot during the emergency time.
  4. Fire extinguishers are also placed in yours rooms and should be easily assessable as it will help you in many ways. During short-circuit fires or fire due to any miss happenings it can be used.
  5. Always have a suitable food reserve including dry fruits and other lunch eating with adequate water supply.
  6. You should have an Aid box with all the necessary medicines. Try to check all the medicines after some months and remove all the old medicines which is near to its expiry date or expired.
  7. Have all the important documents or your and your family including certificates, agreements, bond papers etc in a safe & strong box.
  8. Have a local practical plan for earthquake and also train your family including children & old aged persons to face an earthquake.
  9. If you are living in a tall building then don’t use lift during the disaster and have a route map & good knowledge of alternate routes.
  10. Always have an eye on your pets & domestic animals.
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