Top 10 Tips Tricks Shortcuts For Jee Mains & Advance Exam Preparation

Top 10 Tips Tricks & Shortcuts for Jee Mains advance 2017

Top 10 Tips Tricks Shortcuts For Jee Mains Exam 2019

Hello Friends Now I am going to tell you some of the good tips & tricks regarding your preparation in coming IIT Exams. As we already know that the submission of form for IIT has already been completed for this year 2017.

First of all I would like to tell about me. As I am a good student and completed my preparation from one of the best institutes of Kota- Rajasthan (I can’t disclose the name of the Institute but it is a leading one in the field) I have also prepared for the exam but I was in the top batch of repeater. I have completed my class 12 from my home town and then after I went to Kota. I got the success but my success was not up to the mark. Finally I got a very good college through AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Exam), the exam conducted by CBSE at that time. Now my young friends has got a very good opportunity as they have to fill only one form and gets IIT, NIT & other renowned colleges through it.

Tips and Tricks for IIT Jee Mains 2019 for Freshers

I have prepared very well and my hard Labour has given me very good benefit in the first year of my Engineering & I was the UNIVERSITY TOPPER. But I have also seen failures during my IIT exam. So now I want to share you some of the best tips & tricks which will be beneficial in the coming exam. First fall I would like to tell you some of my Best Tips & Tricks for fresher’s who is appearing first time in the exam. As we all know now IIT has limited the attempt to only 2. Students can take first attempt while they are appearing for class XII board exam and the next attempt can be taken just after one year.

Latest & New Tips For Jee Advance

So in this blog all tips & tricks will be only for the fresher’s who has filled the form for the first time.

The big door for the success in life is getting very marks in class 10 board exam. If a student gets very good marks in class 10 then they start dreaming for higher education. After class X, there are three streams for the students in which they can achieve their dream. Firstly they can move or catch the science (Physics , Chemistry & Mathematics) or the other field in which students can move is Biology for preparing in Medical Exam.

If a student who gets good marks in class 10 then mostly they join best institutes according to them for competing their two year preparation for exam. But some of the tips they forget and due to which they miss a very good change of scoring good in the exams. Here is Top 10 Tips and Tricks Shortcuts For Jee Mains.

How to crack Jee mains Entrance Exam

Here I am going to describe you Top 10 Best Tips & Tricks to Score very good in the Exams.

  1. Motivation

Motivation is one of the leading factor which helps you to score big in the upcoming exams. As you know there is a big change in syllabus as you shift to class 11. If you are not motivated then you will feel it is very hard to complete. A good mentor is need to help you for preparing very good in the exams. There should be very good enhancement in the brains and thinking as you move to next class. A students demoralize very soon as they are not able to solve problems. But during that time they have to think as many of your seniors have already completed with good remarks. Here I am giving you Top 5 Tips & Tricks to get good motivation.

  1. Always think of your parent who is working very hard for you as your dreams are your parent’s dream also.
  2. Always talk to your parent as they are a very good mentor for you and take blessing from them regularly for success.
  3. Think of your seniors who has already completed the IIT Exams which a very good marks.
  4. Try to contact your seniors and ask them how they labour hard for getting the result.
  5. Be in contact of teachers because they are your closest friends and they will give you a very good suggestions.
  6. Your Institute’s teacher will become happy if you will discuss the daily challenges you face in achieving you goal and they will give you appropriate suggestions to go ahead.
  1. Labour Hard

The only way to get very good marks in the exams are labour. The study timing will matter and you have to increase the daily study time. When you will take admission in an institute then you can’t study for 14-15 hours daily from the first day. So I am giving you some of the best suggestions by which you can easily increase you study time duration.

  1. Don’t study in just one shift. According to sources and time to time refreshment is needed to speed up the grasping power of brain. According to me if you will study for more than 3 hours continuously then your capability will show in the coming hours. Just take refreshment after 3 hours and reschedule your study time.
  2. Try to break your complete study time in 3 to 4 shifts. At least try to study in three different schedules to get very good results.
  3. Don’t study late night. According to me at the max you can study up to 1-2 AM in the night. As we all know “Early to Bed & Early to Rise makes a man Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”.
  4. The best timing is you should not cross 12 AM in the night and leave your bed between 6-7 AM in the morning.
  5. To increase the efficiency you should have to do some exercises at least in the morning.

3. Self Analysis

One of the biggest thing to get success is Analysis. But your analysis should be on daily basis. At least you should spent 5-10 minutes daily in analyzing your self and this will surely help you in achieving your goal. The daily Self Analysis has many good benefits as below is given some details of it.

  1. The self-analysis will reduce the wastage of your time. Atleast we waste 1-2 hours daily and we have no any reason for it. Students who really want to prepare for the exam will have to utilize every possible time for study. So if you analysis you daily time table then you can easily find the wastage and you can reduce the wastage of time and utilize that in Study.
  2. The self analysis will also motivate you and this will make you to work hard to reach your goal.
  3. If you will analysis yourself then it will make you energetic in the morning.
  4. The best timing of analysis is at night when you are alone and you can talk to yourself.
  5. After analyzing yourself you can re-plan your next coming day so that you can utilize your maximum time.

4. Do Not Bunk Your Classes

Classes running in the respective institutes on the daily basis are very important. Your should not bunk a single class. Bunk a single class will be very costly for you and a good student know it. A good student also knows that it would be difficult to recover which they have missed in the class rooms. The Institutes have daily basis plan for students and they are giving good home work tasks. Many a time your teacher will tell you not to leave a single lecture. A single class have it linkage to the upcoming classes or it have some links to the next chapter. If you are missing some of the class then it may happen you will face difficulty in coming lectures and classes. If you have missed some of the topics then try to cover it as soon as possible so that you should not have to face any difficulty in the coming days in the next chapters.

  1. Be Positive and have good Eye Contacts with your teachers

Many times we see that students don’t make eye contact with their respective teachers for the respective subjects. If you are having eye contact and then it will increase your attention in the class and it will make you to understand the topic clearly. Also be positive in the class and make your friends thinking also positive. Make your mind & eye to concentrate in class. As we all know if you will miss a little and it may hamper you a lot in the coming lessons.

  1. Home work should be done on daily basis.

Almost all the teachers will provide you homework tasks to the related topics what you studied today in the class. First of all revise all the lectures you have completed on the respective day and then after start your daily home work. Try to complete all the home work given to you. But some times it is not possible to complete all but try to do minimum 60% of all the tasks that has been given to you.

  1. Focus Equally all the 3 Subjects

As we all know if you want good success in the exam then all of your subjects should be covered equally. If you have covered all the subjects then you have good chance to solve the questions. If you a good student then you will have to do so. If you are also willing to qualify for IIT then also you have make sure that all the subjects has been studied to an answer solving level. Many times we have analyzed that questions of one of the subject is tough and other two subjects are easy in the exam and if you good preparation then also you can face some difficulty. So preparation of all the 3 subjects can make you to score good as you can score from other two subjects.

  1. Formulas, Derivations & Its Applying Shortcut Techniques

We all know formulas are the backbone of all the three subjects that is, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. So you have to learn & memorize all the formulas to score good, but it is really a tough task. You should make charts of the formulas and also know its derivations. Formulas are confusing so you have to make a regular time table to revise the formulas. In the exam you have shortage of time and if you have memorized the formulas then you can easily solve the questions. In the Jee Mains exam you will have to do a very good practice of NCERT book on practical basis.

  1. Self-Taken Notes

Notes are very important and this will help you the most when you are near your exam. Let me tell you from the first day apart from your class notes you have to write your own notes and while writing you will also revise your syllabus. Notes are the summery of your chapter and I am giving you some of the best tips & tricks in creating self notes.

  1. Your notes should be easily understandable by you.
  2. The notes are prepared in such a way that it should cover all the important points of the respective chapter.
  3. The importance of points in the notes can be marked by number of stars (*). If a point or formula are very very important then you can give them *****.
  4. Try to have a soft copy of your own notes so that if you have lost then you can easily regain it via soft copy.

10. Practical Discussions & Problem Solving effort

Discussions are one of the important part of day to day life of a student.  Candidates who are appearing for the exam should involve themselves in the discussions from day 1. We already know discussions will help you and it make your IQ level to increase.

Here is benefits of Discussions

  1. Discussions will improve your Question Solving level & it will also increase your IQ.
  2. Group Discussions will help you to gain & learn some of the good points & formulas and it will help you near exam.
  3. Discussions will help you in gaining some of the good problem solving efforts.