Benefits of sleeping early and waking up early for Students- Tips and Tricks

Benefits of sleeping early and waking up early for Students

Top 10 Benefits of Early to bed & Early to rise for Students

Hello, friends now I am going to provide you with some of the best Health tips of life. I am just providing you with some of the practical steps that I am following right now and these simple tips & tricks helped me boost up my health as well as the mind.

Everybody wants to be the best in the world, all of us need huge wealth. Almost all of us has a big future dream for our coming life. Most of our friends who have crossed 16 years of age started seeing live dreams. We need a big home, luxury car, good wealth and a lot more. But there is a simple question from my side “How we can achieve all of these?”.

The paragraph on the benefits of early rising

If you are a student then you & your family have a big future dream associated with you. Many a time we say that our parents talk about our bright future and success we will act. But can you answer the simple question “What are the simple tips & tricks to get success in our life?”

We know every road to success has a beginning or we can say there must any start point from where you have to take your first step. If you are a student then the beginning of your success will start if you are rising up early in the morning.

If you are sleeping early at night and waking up early has lots of benefits. I am providing you

Advantages of Waking Up Early in Morning

  1. Makes your Mind healthy

If you started your day early in the morning then your mind will be really healthy and you will reduce to the stress level of the brain easily. Waking up early makes your mind sharp and increase your thinking capacity. In the research conducted by Texas University found that students who consistently leaves bed early in the morning each day actually scored better test scores and overall grade points, in comparison to those who slept in all the time. You will also have less chance of brain stroke. If you have this benefit then it will really help you allot in the old age and increase your lifespan by some years.

  1. Waking Up early makes your body Healthy & a better immune system

You will get some time for good exercises and I bet these exercises will surely make your body healthy. You will never forget your breakfast.

Do you know “morning breakfasts are the booster for your good health”? When you wake up in the morning when your body has been on fast for at least 6 to 8 hours and if you are giving a proper diet to your body then it will really help to in a better immune system. The person who wakes up late mostly lose breakfast and they depend on junk foods or drinks and these are really bad for your health.

  1. Increases your productivity

If you leave your bed early in the morning then you will be a winner. If you are utilizing your precious time of the morning then surely your productivity will be boosted up. I am now explaining to you the best reasons behind this. If you wake early then your mind will be fresh as you have already taken a good rest of 5-8 hours. If you will do some of the exercises then it will refresh your mind more. Now after all, if will think or apply your brain on a tough task or question then you will have to spend less time to solve it.

If you are a businessman then you should know “some of the top and most successful personalities of the world are early risers”.  One of the most successful businessman and now the first person of the world USA President Donald Trump rises at 5.30 in the morning.

According to scientific research, the person faces less distraction in the early hours of the day so you can achieve more in a very less time. We have also seen that early risers are more strict in the following timetable.

If you are a student then you can utilize your time and study for 12-15 hours a day during your exam. Must Read:- Top 10 Tips to Study for 12-15 hours a day with concentration.

  1. Early to Bed & Early rise will improve your Quality of sleep

If you are night owls then just leave your bad habits. If you want to go ahead in your life with a good future then you have to start your day early. It is seen that early risers have a better sleeping routine and you have to follow it by going to bed daily at the same time. According to many of International sleep expert if you have a proper sleeping and waking up time then it will set up your internal body clock.

As we know proper sleep is necessary for a good health. If you are working very hard for 10-12 hours or more then you must have a sound sleep of 5-8 hours as this will refresh your body mind and reduces your chances of getting ill.

  1. Early risers are a better Decision maker & planner

if you are waking up in the morning then you have a plenty of quiet time with you. There are many benefits of quiet time and you can utilize it according to your need. In the quiet time, you can easily make your decisions as your mind will be in peach and thinking will be better. If you are communicating to work then your early starts will see you avoiding the peak hour congestion and enjoying a quiet(er), more peaceful commute to work. Personally speaking, you will love your work and turn out it into a productive task.

  1. You will be more connected to nature

Nature will gift you one of the best moment every morning i.e. the rising of the sun and you will feel glad how the night changes into a morning and then after into a brighter day.

7. Reduce Dark Circles on your Eye
Dark circles have now become common and are found in many of us. Persons who are sleeping late in night may get affected by dark circles. Read here- Best Natural remedies to remove dark circles on the eye.

How To Wake up Early in Morning?

Now I have discussed all the best possible benefits of early to rise but this is very easy to read and hard to opt. mentioning any new task in your daily routine is very tough and it became tougher if related to early awake.

In most of the cases we say that a person who is night owl gets any random task in the morning then it becomes a very big burden on him and he/she thinks more than 10 times about it.

Now I am here to suggest you some of the best tips & tricks which will help you allot to awake in the morning.

  1. Set your intentions

You are now going to opt on the tougher task and you already know its benefits but despite your regular habit of waking late in the morning you have to work hard to on it. Before sleeping in the night set your intentions and think much time that you have awake in the morning. Visualize the good habits of it and most probably you can do it after 2-3 days. In the beginning, you will more problems but day by day you will feel easy.

On the very first day after waking in the morning, you will feel tired and lazy or you may get some of the sleepy moment in the college/schools or in the office but after someday this will going to benefit you allot.

  a. Keep You alarm away from your reach

Always keep your alarm away from your reach. Most of the time we see that a person who is trying to awake in the morning switch off the alarm and again sleep after thinking that he will awake from the next morning. If your alarm is away from your reach then you may leave your bed to off it and in the process of doing so, you can awake yourself.

b. More than one alarm timings.

In many cases, we say that if you have the single alarm in the morning then after switching off the alarm you can again come to bad so try 2-3 alarm after a short time interval. If you will of the first one then you can awake in the 2nd one or finally you can get out of your bed in the 3rd alarm.

c. Trying to talk with your lovable person in the morning via phone or mobile

Just connect your call to one of the most loved people in the morning just after opening the eye. You can call your mom, dad, girlfriend, wife, friend or your brother and talk for some time until your voice does not become fresh.  I have applied for this benefit on myself and telling you practically.

d. Your first task should be your favourite one the morning

After leaving your bed the first task should be your favourite one so that you can do it without any hesitation. As for example you can provide water to flowers or cook tea for your loved one or play some devotional music.

e. Sleep Early in the night

If you are going to start your morning awake then try to sleep early in the night so you can get more time to relax in the bed.

f. Don’t overdose yourself in the night (meal)

If you want to be quick or not so lazy in the morning then you have to check your diet or meal. You should eat less and go to your bed at right time.

g. Drink Planty of water before sleeping

Best luck friends. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comment box as it will be too much for me. Please subscribe us and like our social page to get the regular updates.

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