Tips and Exercises to reduce the risk of Digital Eye Strain

Man dropping medicine into eye
Man dropping medicine into eye

Top 5 tips to reduce Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain treatment, exercises and home remedies:- Nowadays Computer Eye strain or you can say digital eye strain has become common in most of us. All the electronic devices like laptop, smartphones, tablets, e-readers can cause significant eyestrain, fatigue and dry eyes. Dry eyes can cause inflammation and (sometimes permanent) damage to the surface of the eye.

How To Reduce Eye Strain When Working With laptops

If you feel burning sensation, eye redness, itching, heavy eyes, fatigue eyes, dryness in the full eye, you are affected by eye strain. This eye strain can be cured by having optical on your eye, and there are some home remedies and tips which can prevent dry and cure eyes. Given below are tips and tricks to reduce the risk of Digital Eye Strain

1.    Given rest to your Eyes regularity

If you are spending most of the time on your computer, laptop or smartphones, you will most probably be the Vitim of digital eye strain. Try giving some rest to your eye after every 15-20 minutes. You can close your eyes to maintain the moisture. Try to look at the far distant object to maintain the balance of your eye muscles. Working on the computer means you are looking most of the times at the object or screen close to your eye, so after every break for 20-30 try to see distant objects and revolve your eyes to maintain the moisture.

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2.    Daily workout, yoga including eye exercises

Daily workout and yoga can also increase the blood flow in your body and also in the eye. Drinking more water will make you hydrated for the complete day, and this will also add some moisture to your eye. Apart from this, there are some of the best yogas that can practice availing good results. The exercises will help a lot in improving the health of your eye, apart from this there are lots of benefits. Read here top 10 benefits of daily workouts and exercises.

  • Palming:- Rub your hands for 15-20 seconds until you feel fingertips fill warm, then place your hands on your eyes with fingertips resting on your forehead.
  • Focus Shifting:- This is another good exercise for your eye muscles. Hold you thumb straight and focus on your thumb. Now gently move your thumb thwards your nose until you can no longer focus clearly. Pause for 20-30 second and then again relax the arm to the original position with your eye focusing on the thumb. Repeat for 10-15 times daily to get better result.
  • Eye Rolling:- This is another exercise excellent exercise for your eye. Slowly circle your eyes in a clockwise direction for three times forming a large circle as you can and take rest, perform the same operation in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Distance Gazing: This can be another very good option for you to have a perfect vision. With a relaxed eye, look on the objects which are 50 yards or more away. You don’t have to be focused on only one object, you can shift your focus and also blink your eyes regularly without any strains.  Try this activity for 8-10 minutes on daily basis can give you best result.
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3.    The proper viewing angle and distance matters

Your eye should be parallel to the screen, or it should be below. There should be any reflection coming from the screen to your eyes because it will create extra stress on your eye muscles to capture the fonts and views. Work on the computer from a distance of 25-30 inch as it is perfect in reducing stress on the eye.

4.    If possible have a specialised glasses for computer use

If you are working on the computer for a long time, then it will be better for you to contact a doctor and ask for specialised glasses. There are some glasses which are tinted to reduce glare, and these glasses will work best for you.

5.    Adjust your electronic device brightness

The brightness and minimum distance of your eye from the screen affect the most. The brightness of your screen should match or lower to your surrounding area. You should also balance the colour temperature to reduce to relax your eyes.

The above-given tips, tricks and exercises will help to prevent dry eyes, but incidentally, you are suffering from digital eye syndrome or dry eyes, please go through my article that will help you to cure all eye released issues like burning sensation in eyes, eye redness, itching, heavy eyes, fatigue eyes, dryness, please  read: Home remedies to cure dry eyes or eye strain syndrome permanently.