Safety Tips to Follow during and After Earthquake

Safety Tips to Follow during and After Earthquake

Safety Tips to Follow during and After Earthquake

The complete earth is divided into plates which stick to each other. During the release of heavy energy from the bottom of the earth, the two plates don’t move smoothly from each other to release the energy. The respective plates rub against as both of them are stick to each other. The non-smooth movement of opposite each other creates strong waves because many a time the rocks break. During the quakes, the plates start moving and continue to move till the time they stuck again to each other. The focus is the place or the centre or the spot under the ground where the rocks break to release the energy. We are describing in detail the steps & Safety Tips to Follow during and After Earthquake Hits.

Precautions are taken during Earthquake

What Not to do during Earthquake: Now I have discussed all the important tips & tricks you should follow to minimize the impact of the earthquake and make yourself ready for all the disasters. If you have gone through all the points then you will have a very good knowledge about how to prepare yourself with your family.

12 Safety Measures to Follow during Earthquake

Unfortunately, if you are facing the disaster then here are some of the best tips you should keep in mind the minimize the impact during the earth shake.

  1. If you feel the earth is shaking then react very quickly because you have very few seconds to save you & family. Don’t be panic keep calm.
  2. If you are in a tall building then quickly move to a safe place.
  3. If you are unable to get out of your building quickly then hide under strong wooden furniture as it may save your life.
  4. Try to move with family to a plane or free land or open area and stop their thill the vibration stops completely.
  5. Do not run as in many cases it is safer to remain inside than to go out.
  6. Don’t use lift during the earth shake & try to escape through stairs. If you are in a lift already then just out of it in the next door.
  7. If you are travelling in a vehicle then stop it quickly and hide in it,
  8. Make your self away from trees, towers, building or any other big structures.
  9. If you have the helmet or then wear it during the earth shake as it may save your head.
  10. You are using the wheelchair then stop it and try to make yourself away from falling objects.
  11. If you are cooking then quickly turn off the stove and try not to use candles, matchbox or other open flames.
  12. Care your pets and domestic animals and free them so that they can also run to open area.

What to do after an earthquake hits

Now I have discussed all the important points and some of the best tips which should be kept in mind during the earthquake. Now also prepare yourself if you will face the disaster. Please keep in mind some of the important points which will help you after the natural disaster.

Steps to follow after the earthquake

  1. If you are near to sea cost then move away from that area as the high tide waves can damage you. The earth shake can lead to high-density sea waves.
  2. Always keep Calm and think about the consequence of what you have to do now.
  3. If you are safe with your family then help the others who are in need. Help the persons who are stuck in the wood or near to the building if you can.
  4. Do not touch the electric wires and cables, switch off the gas valves and get out of the building.
  5. Try to store drinking water, food and first aid box near to you or at the place which is easily assessable.
  6. Use Ratio/transistor, television or your smartphone to get the latest updates about the aftershock warnings.
  7. Be prepare yourself with family for aftershock as it happens randomly.
  8. If you are handicapped & stuck in the call for the first ad or make huge noise for help.
  9. Co-operate with the other injured persons and inform the hospital.
  10. If you are returning home after earth shakes then carefully inspect your house in case there are structural damages. Be careful when opening the doors of your household furniture.

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