Proven On Page Optimization Latest SEO Tips & Tricks for Website

Proven On Page Optimization Latest SEO Tips & Tricks for Website
Proven On Page Optimization Latest SEO Tips & Tricks for Website

Proven On Page Optimization Latest SEO Tips

1. H Tags Optimization (Eg: H1, H2, H3) = An important part of SEO, which helps you to make the robots understand that what is more important in your website and what is less. Here are the tips on how to optimize the page with content:-

  1. H1 Tag:- We will have only one H1 tag (Title tag in our website) Search engine crawls the H1 first and consider as the most important part of the content. We should use maximum keywords in the title tag (H1) but it should sound good and it may not cross the 60-70 character limit as most of the search engine crawls to only 60 char.
  2. H2 Tag:- we have to place the H2 tag in our article according to the length of content. If the content is limited to 1000 words then we have to place only one H2. If the content is crossing 1000 words then we may use 2 H2.
  3. H3 Tag:- use 2 – 3 H3 tags in our article.

2. Bold, Italic effect to main keywords (long tail keywords) in the content = these tags shows the emphasis given to a particular word. We can also use these keywords as tags as this will emphasize the result.  This kind of tagging by making it bold or italic helps the bots to understand that what the admin want to tell the user and what are the main key points of the content shown in that page, for which it would have the higher ranking in SERP results.

3. Image Optimization = it is one of the best tricks to get the best result in google image search. It refers to use alt tags properly. Using alt tags with every image will help you to get traffic from image search as well. Apart from Alt tag, we can use the unique description for all the images we are using in our article. Use variations in the alt tags and title of the image.

4. Hyperlink Optimization = The anchor text used to create hyperlinks of your website always helps you to rank better for those anchor texts, so try to use keywords as your anchor text to create links, internal or external. Also, use the domain (main URL of the website) as some of the anchor text for different keywords to better ranking of the main page in the search engine.

5. Meta Description Tags Optimization = You Meta tags help you to rank better but you must also know that how to manage them as there are some limitation and rules that you must follow to get maximum benefits from it. It should be around 160 Char.

6. Meta Keywords Tags Optimization = Just Like Meta Description tags Meta Keywords tag is also important most of the people think that it does not help in any way but it really does.

7. Text Modification Optimization = Text optimization also plays important role in ranking better in SERP. One must apply the keyword density rule to gain more benefits from their site. One of the best tricks is to modify some of the text or add some texts to the website after some time interval to get better results.

8. Title Tag Optimization = A title is the most important tag, a good not only attracts the users but also the search bots.

9. URL Rewrite = URL rewrite helps one to increase the visibility of their site by making URL understandable in human language which is highly recommended by search engines as well.

10. Try to USE Videos in your post:- If you will use a good or high PA, DA video URL’s in your post then you will get derive some good terrific. The Youtube videos are good and will favour in making your web page SERP impression good. So, try using minimum one video in a post which should be relevant to your post. If you are not using this, no issue, without using video’s in the post can also make you on the top of your content will be good & unique.

we have updated you with the Latest On-Page Optimization SEO tips. This is the latest article which I have added on the website Tips to Tricks only for you. If you find this article useful or you have any unsolved questions regarding this, please put your question in the comment box provided below.

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