Indane gas refill Cylinder booking by Mobile Phone No IVRS-SMS

Indane gas refill Cylinder booking by Mobile Phone No IVRS-SMS

Indane gas refill Cylinder booking by Mobile Number

Indane Gas Booking number status: Indian Oil is the leading commercial limited Govt. company in the field of petrochemical and it has introduced Indan gas in India. Now Indan gas has become a name in the field of cooking gas or we can say Indan gas has become a brand in the field of cooking gas. According to some of the sources, Indance gas has the maximum number of customer serving outlets in India. You can also see Indian Oil has the maximum number of petrol & Diesel refilling stations in India. From the tip of Leh & Ladakh to bottom of Kanyakumari where the people can reach, this petroleum enterprise has already arrived there to serve the nation & the beloving Indians. Below are the Tips to Book Indane Gas Cylinder by which you can get Indane gas refill Cylinder booking by Mobile Phone Number IVRS-SMS.

How to Book Indane gas Cylinder

According to a survey on seen every second Gas connection in India is Indan Gas. The most important thing about this is that the product is reachable to customers and is easily available in remote Indian villages.  From the survey, it has been seen that more than 1.2 million LPG cylinders are booked and delivered every day and the number is increasing day by day.

How to Book Indane Gas Refill Cylinder without Mobile

Long time back it has been seen that many find much difficulty in booking LPG cylinders. If you do n’t have a mobile phone with your self then you have to go to the company outlet or distributor point to get booked cylinders but now the time has changed. As the Indian is going very first and digitally, you will see most of Indians have mobile phones with them.

Indane Gas Booking Cylinder Status 

If you have an android phone which has very good connectivity then you will have 4 options with you to book online gas. If you don’t have the smartphone or you have poor or no internet connectivity then still you have 2 options by which you can book your gas cylinders.  But the term and condition are that you should have balance in your registered phone to call or SMS to book new refill cylinder. Here I am going to discuss two offline ways by which we can very easily book New Indane Gas cylinders and also here are the tips to find out the tips to get the status of your newly booked refilled cylinder.

How to Book Indan Gas Cylinder by Sending SMS

when you are going to take a new LPG connection then you have to register a mobile number to get very good benefits in the future. With the help of your registered phone, you can very easily book new cylinders by sending sms. Describing you the SMS by which you can very easily book the new cylinder.

  • If you want to book your cylinders through SMS then first you have to register your mobile no for SMS booking facility and that is very very simple, follow the steps, please.
  • SMS IOC < STD Code + Distributor’s Tel. Number > < Consumer Number > & send to your city IVRS number. (Find Your City IVRS Number)
  • For example, if you are the customer from Chennai, your STD code is 044, the distributor’s phone number is 25022890 and the customer ID is AX00867C, SMS as given below – IOC 044 25022890 AX00867C
  • After registration, you can book a gas cylinder using the same mobile number. To book gas refill SMS <IOC> and send to your city IVRS number.
  • The standard charges will be applied for sending the SMS and if your booking will be conformed then you will get another SMS from Indan gas for booking confirmation.

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How to Book Indan Gas Cylinders by Mobile IVRS

Indane Gas Booking without Internet in Mobile: We have seen it is very to book Gas cylinders by sending SMS. For the first time you have to follow some steps but after that, it will become easier to book via sms. I have already told you, if you have no internet connectivity then you have another option to book LPG cylinders by mobile IVRS. Now I will discuss below the simple and easier steps which you can follow to book the gas cylinders. Get Your Indane Gas Booking Phone Number to book new refill cylinder by Mobile IVRS.

  • Diel the IVRS no of your city which is provided here.
  • The Indane Gas is providing this facility to customers in three different languages.
  • Choose the language first and conform the language in which you will get the instructions.
  • After confirming this, you have had to enter the std code of your area followed by the distributor landline no. For example, the customer from Delhi can diel 011 followed by the landline of the distributor. This step is for the identification of your distributor from which you have taken your gas connection in the past.
  • After the distributor is confirmed, you will have to provide the customer no. For your ease, you will have to provide only the last numerical parts of your customer id. For example, if the customer ID is A12345, the customer must dial 12345.
  • If you are facing difficulty in finding the customer id, you can refer the last refill cash memo, your booklet or contact the distributor directly to find out their consumer number.
  • After confirming your customer id, you will get many options from the IVRS.
  • Diel 1 for new gas cylinder booking.

If your cylinder is booked then within 5-7 working days your new cylinder will get delivered to your address. If your income is under 10 lakh then you can get the benefit of Govt. LPG subsidy. You can check your Indane Gas subsidy status online or offline.

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