How to Study 12-15 Hours a Day Effectively with Concentration

How to Study 12-15 Hours a Day Effectively with concentration
How to Study 12-15 Hours a Day Effectively with concentration

How to Study 12-15 Hours a Day Effectively

How to study for long hours with the concentration in Hindi: We all know that to get very good marks in the exam or to get success in competitive exams, the only way that is hard labour. As the exam approaches near us either it would be your 10th Board exam, 12th Board exam, IIT Jee Mains or Advance exam, Medical exams or any competitive exams, the mental pressure started increasing. It becomes very difficult for us to get down the pressure, as we think of the exams and compare it with the complete syllabus, the pressure starts increasing. But this is not the solution to get a good result for the upcoming exams you are appearing. Below is the tips, tricks & Shortcuts How to Study 12-15 Hours a Day Effectively.

How to Study 12 hours a day wiki how

You have to go through hard labour if you have completed the syllabus that you have to work harder to make the complete revision of it. Now you will think how it will be possible to revise the complete syllabus? Yes, this is possible and this will be possible if you will plan your study.

how to study for long hours effectively 

how to study for long hours in night without getting tired: The only way to get very good marks in the exams is labour. The study timing will matter and you have to increase the daily study time. When you will take admission in an institute then you can’t study for 14-15 hours daily from the first day. So I am giving you some of the best suggestions by which you can easily increase your study time duration without getting tired & Sleepy. 

  1. Convince yourself:- when you get pressurise by the exam’s syllabus then just convince yourself that you can do it, you can pull it off. You will need physical and mental strength to convince yourself. When the time close to the exam, you the one who can convince yourself, you have the power, you have the potential.
  2. Try to take rest for at least one hour after 1 shift of study of 3 to 4 hours. You can also sleep in the rest time as you will take rest, your body will generate new cells fastly and this will help you to get through another shift of study smartly.
  3. Don’t study in just one shift. According to sources and time to time refreshment is needed to speed up the grasping power of the brain. According to me if you will study for more than 3 hours continuously then your capability will show in the coming hours. Just take refreshment after 3 hours and reschedule your study time.
  4. Try to break your complete study time in 3 to 4 shifts. At least try to study in three different schedules to get very good results.
  5. Don’t study late at night. According to me at the max, you can study up to 1-2 AM in the night. As we all know “Early to Bed & Early to Rise makes a man Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”.
  6. The best timing is you should not cross 12 AM in the night and leave your bed between 6-7 AM in the morning.
  7. To increase the efficiency you should have to do some exercises at least in the morning.
  8. Try to take light diets every time. We all know much amount of energy is wasted during the digestion of a food and you will also start feeling sleepy when you take the heavy meal. Try to take light diets which are easily digestible, as it will refresh you.
  9. Try to do some good exercises when you go for study or also you can try some light exercises during the intervals of your study.
  10. Improve your concentration level:- It is very easy to get bored or your mind starts thinking off subjects things. To get effective study you should have to increase the concentration level by performing some exercises.  You can light a candle in a dark room and stare at the candle flame for as long as you can do it continuously without thinking anything by stilling in the possible of Yoga Mudra. In the initial days, it will be very difficult for you to concentrate on the candle flame but you can do it.

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