How to Make Friends at School, College | Tips to make school friends fast

How to Make Friends at School

How to Make Friends at School- Tips and Tricks

Relationships in a team do not always develop properly. Many children suffer daily from the mockery of classmates or directly from loneliness. It seems to them that there is no way out of this impasse, but psychologists confidently declare: it is easy enough to make school friends and find a common language with classmates; one has only to build the correct model of behaviour. Given below are some of the best Tips and Tricks to make friends at school

Why not get close to schoolmates always?

Often, the first attempts to become part of the company fail. In such cases, you should not blame yourself, because it is hard to achieve the team’s respect and love in a single day. Formation of a name and reputation is the result of hard work on oneself and one’s qualities. If you regularly adhere to the rules described below, and also do not hesitate to seek advice from a loved one and remember that it will not be possible to be friends with everyone, at some point, you will feel that more and more people like you. One has only to believe in oneself and to take care of individuality – the primary quality in the modern world. An unusual person who has his own beliefs, hobbies, judgments, always seems exciting and a little mysterious. However, no need to put on a mask – you will love only the present.

How to change the attitude of others to yourself and join the team?

This question is crucial for all ages. The fact is that most of us do not understand the simple truth: it is difficult to find a loved one without trying to do something for this. And you should start by changing yourself and your view of the world. For example, no one wants to have a friendship with a bully or a whimper. Moreover, this rule applies to both the first class and the eleventh. A person who is always hiding behind the backs of his comrades will attract not much more attention to himself: this applies not only to behavior in the classroom or extracurricular activities but also attempts to isolate oneself from other people. The way out of this situation, in the first place, is trying to communicate with peers. At first, classmates may not perceive the former mute or “white crow” as a good companion, but over time the stereotype breaks down. Even the most intimate teenager can be a talker: just before there were no people who could listen to him. In connection with the last thought, it is essential to clarify that sociability should not turn into an obsession. The latter quality is also a big problem and a frequent cause of failure in the circle of comrades. Nobody wants to listen to the endless stories of one person, becomes a constant interlocutor – unless it is a question of falling in love, mutual sympathy. Even the most interesting, well-read peer can become a tiresome burden if it regularly speaks and attracts attention – this is another facet of rude behavior for others.

Gradually joining the team, you must also remember the range of interests of the majority. Why not read a book that everyone is discussing, not to watch a movie that many went to the cinema too? Such a common theme often brings together even the most distant in development and character of people and is suitable for conversations in those cases if you still have few topics for discussion. A good option would be to talk about personal impressions about the book, film, musical group, about which few have heard. It will allow you to unobtrusively show your originality and share your interests with the world. Perhaps someone will be interested in the story, and you will have a boyfriend or girlfriend with similar hobbies and preferences.

Tips to make school friends fast

If the school has no problems with the level of cultural development and you want to make school friends, remember the following tips: Do not be intrusive. It was said above, but this rule is so important that it is to repeat many more times. Moderation in everything is a quality that will make you a welcome guest in any company, at any age. No need to build from yourself who you are not. We want to warn you: this is not about those who really “build themselves” – they develop their erudition on a stone, pay attention to the organization of time and space, play sports, that is, take all steps to success. Everything is much simpler: you should not pretend to be another person, imitating the behavior or appearance of the most popular student of the school. Yes, it is worth considering why he or she enjoys popularity, has respect. Perhaps the whole thing is about outstanding personal qualities – then you need to take note of character traits such as organization, diligence, sense of humor, kindness. If the popularity of the school star is about on clownish antics, mockery, financial opportunities, then such popularity is worthless: it will not last long. Make a list of the qualities that you have and which you lack. In both cases, contact your mother or other loved one, because it is difficult to assess their character independently. After finishing the list, you can try to understand why some features are important to you, what they will give to your personality. Here again, you can call on a frank conversation someone from the family, an experienced person who can indicate the importance, the conformity of some qualities to you. After completing the list, you can begin to acquire the necessary skills. It often overcomes laziness – set up a reward system in which they give any reward for each work done (eaten candy, a book bought, series of your favorite TV series viewed). The motivation of this type is not reliable, you need to leave it over time, but a habit development, encouragement will be perfect! Become a part of extra-curricular life. There are many options for implementation: preparation for concerts (writing scripts, sewing costumes, selecting music), organizing a picnic, where you can also call your favorite teachers. As experience shows, young teachers at out-of-class meetings can not only help avoid negative situations but also cheer, help with shopping and cooking meat, give good advice regarding friendship, love, relationships with parents. Another option for spending time with classmates is to invite them to your place. It is worth connecting parents here: ask your mother to make pizza; dad can advise how to entertain the boys. There are several advantages to such a decision: you will be more comfortable communicating with the people on “your territory,” you will be able to show them how your life works, to boast good books, records, souvenirs from trips. Spending time at home brings people closer together; let us start trusting each other more and more.

Do not refuse to participate in joint trips. Many schools organize excursions for students: this not only allows them to broaden their horizons but also to get close to classmates and children from other classes. Meeting with high school students is especially impressive on such trips: they may not be your best friends, but it is always pleasant to talk with someone more adult, and it can also raise your authority in the eyes of your peers. The basic rule of behavior in communication, in this case, is the understanding that not all hobbies of modern adult children can be acceptable at your age and in general in society.

In the end, I want to say that every person has real friends. Maybe now you do not feel close to a loved one, it is difficult to find support, but over time, if you work on yourself, smile, warmly relate to the world, everything will change. Sincere people are a magnet, so do not be afraid to show real feelings, as long as they are positive!

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True friends will be with you always, they care for you, they share with you and the help you in need. Now we have provide you enough information on “How to make friends in schools”, now you should also know, how to study effectively for 12-15 hours in a day during exams.