How to Book Tickets with new IRCTC website, Train, Flight & Hotel Bookings

Book train Tickets with new IRCTC website

How to Book Tickets with new IRCTC website

Hello everyone, IRCTC launched the new website. Today I will tell u about the new website of IRCTC and how we can do booking at new IRCTC website. so let’s start our article.

What is new in IRCTC website ?.

IRCTC ie Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways operations of the Indian railways. The IRCTC handles catering, tourism, and online ticketing operations of the Indian railways.

We can go to new IRCTC website by going to and clicking on try the new website. Or you can go new nget IRCTC website by going to directly.

This new IRCTC website is more user-friendly and faster than old one. This website is ready to handle high request thus we can book confirm tatkal ticket faster than ever.

 Features of IRCTC new website:

1)futuristic new design, which is more user-friendly and responsive.

2)faster in booking general as well as tatkal ticket

3)very Fast page loading time and better user experience.

4)You can book the tatkal ticket at much faster speed

5)search availability of ticket and train running between without login to the website.

6)Payment goes faster than ever.

How to book a ticket with new IRCTC website?

Let’s take a detailed look at how we can book a ticket at this IRCTC newly launched next generation website. All the steps to book I ticket with new IRCTC website is given below.


1)Go to IRCTC new website

Now let’s see how we can get to new IRCTC website. We can go to irctc website in two ways they are:-

a)Go to old IRCTC website By going to and then click on try new website.

b) Go directly to the to directly go to new IRCTC nget website.


2)Login to new IRCTC nget website.

Click on the “login” on the top navigation bar in the next generation IRCTC website to sign in to the website IRCTC website. .

3)Fill login credential to the website

Fill login detail on the IRCTC website. In the pop up box comes by clicking “login” button. And fill the captcha after you fill the login details .then click on “sign in” and you will be signed in to the website.

Note all the username and password of old irctc website will work on new irctc website, thus we can log in from old irctc username and password without any problem,


4)Search In the source and destination station 

Now search train between the source and destination station in which you want to book the ticket.To search, fill source station ie the station where you want to start your journey and then fill your destination station where you want to go. Select the date and click on ”Find train”.In my case, I am booking my ticket between “New Delhi” station and “Bangalore”.On date 17/6/2018 thus I have filled the fields with new Delhi and Bangalore. As shown below


5)Select the preferred train and check the availability of ticket in that train.

Now select the preferred train from options of  trains running between that station, and select the train in which you want to book a ticket. And then you can Check availability & Fare of ticket in that train on that date. Then click the “Check availability & fare” button to check the availability of ticket in that train. In my case, I am going to book my ticket in general quota in 3ac class in Bangalore Rajdhani(22602) train. So ,I will search availability in that train. As shown below

6)Click Book now to book the ticket on the preferred date.

After clicking “Check availability” we will be shown with the availability of ticket for different dates of the selected train on the same page. To book the ticket, in that date click on “Book Now”.In my case, i will book the ticket on 19 June 2018 because confirm seat is not available on 17 June


7)Fill passenger detail

Now you will be redirected to add passenger page, add your passenger data on this page. Add passenger name, passenger age, passenger gender and preference of seat choice of that passenger

Note: You can add at max 4 passenger in general quota per PNR and at max 6 passenger in general quota per PNR.

You can choose tick in “consider for auto-upgrading” to allow your ticket to upgrade to higher quota at the same price. if the seat is left empty in higher quota. I will suggest ticking this check so that you can travel in the higher class at the same price.



8)Enter mobile number fill captcha and Click “Continue Booking”

Now go to the bottom of the page and fill the mobile number which you are carrying while traveling and Captcha image in its field. And click on “Continue Booking”.


9)See the availability at the booking.

Now see the availability of the ticket and recheck everything and click on “Continue Booking”


10)Pay using your preferred option.

Now pay using preferred payment option.I will suggest you to pay with UPI(BHIM) app that is most easiest and fastest payment option.

11)Get the confirm ticket.

After you pay the amount of ticket you will be redirected to page where you can print your ticket and  you will receive sms on your mobile number which you interred in last while booking.


Thus in this way you can easily book your confirm tatkal as well as the general ticket at New IRCTC website.


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