Fire Safety Measures at Home | Best Tips, Tricks & prevention

Fire Safety Measures at Home Best Tips, Tricks & prevention

Major Causes of Fire at Home

Some of the best Fire Safety Measures to follow at home: Fire disaster is one of the major & most common happening in India. Major fire accidents came in light in the summer season so we have to take care. Here is some of the best safety tips & tricks for home. There are many reasons due to which fire accident can happen. We have also heard of major fire accidents in a village in which almost a complete village in the fire disaster. The wind is one of the best supporting factor which can increase the intensity of fire and within minutes we can see a big destruction.

First of all I am going to describe you the major & common causes of fire in houses. The major accidents are only due to our ignorance or we are not taking some of the common issues like that of candles or electrical short circuit. Here is the major causes:-

  • Cooking

This is the most common cause of fire in India if we talk about house fire accidents. This is the number one cause of fire injuries due to fire. In many cases we have seen cooking equipment also catches fire. oils when cooked at high temperature can catch fire. so stay in kitchen while cooking. Many of us leave the kitchen and forget and that led to a cause.

There are some of the cooking equipment which overheats can catch fire.

  • Careless Smoking

Smoking has now become common behaviors in most of us. According to report many of addicted smokers & drinkers become bed room smokers. After smoking they forget to extinguish the cigarette and this led to fire.

  • Candles

Now a days in most of the cases we use candles either for celebration or for something else. But a slight ignorance may lead to a big hazard. We all know candle is open flame and has the capacity ignite anything & lead to home fire & deaths.

  • Heating Equipment

We are using equipment in our day to day life. From bathroom geyser to room heater or it may be your cloth iron machine. The overheat of any of these heating equipment can led to fire in houses. Handle all the electrical equipment with care.

  • Electrical Equipment in Home

All the electrical equipment we use in our home can be one of the most common cause of fire.

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Safety Measures to Follow Before & During Fire

Now I have already discussed all the major causes of fire in home. Most of the accidents we hear or we read in daily news are from one of the cause. If we are careful about all these things and using all the safety tips then we can avoid all these accidents.

  • Safety care of Electrical Equipment

We have to be careful about all the wire and appliances we use in our home which are running by electricity. If the appliances are new then it is ok and it is getting old then we have to care to them or have to be checked it regular by electrician.

  1. Don’t use appliances with loose/breakable wire or frayed cords/plugs.
  2. Overloading of a circuit or plug or outlet can be included in one of the most common cause. Appliance which are consuming more electricity, use a separate switch for them like Geyser, motor pump, inverter, Air conditioner or cooler (used in summer in replacement of AC) .
  3. Don’t use wires going under that of heavy furniture. After some time the plastic coating of the wire may break and the short-circuit can happen which may lead to fire.
  4. If we are using an extension cord to supply electricity then don’t use it for overtime. After an amount of time all the internal wires become loose due to heat generated during the supply of electricity. So either replace all the old wires with new one or buy a new one.
  5. Heating appliances like Heater should be placed with a standard gap from all other objects.
  • Safety measures in Kitchen

Fires in the kitchen is the most common and highest case of fire in houses. If we are careful in kitchen during cooking or after cooking then we are safer.

  1. Some of the utensils which are highly sensitive after heating can also catch fire so don’t leave these type of utensils on stove empty so much time.
  2. If you put oil for cooking then overheating of the oil can also catch fire.
  3. If you are suing LPG Cylinders then properly switch off the regular after cooking and follow all the safety instructions.
  4. Overall we can say the best thing to be safe is Kitchen is to watch your cooking. Because a simple carelessness with make you to fall in big trouble.
  5. Have a good ventilation can also reduce the major mishappenings.
  • Safety during & after Lighting the Candle
  1. We are using candles for lighting in rooms and it is common. If you are studying with candle then put it in a corner.
  2. Put the candle in such a way that it is out of children. Children are very attracted to light or at it is unique for them. They don’t know the miss happening due to candle.
  3. If you are in a room which is being lighted due to candle then blow all the candles before leaving the room.
  4. Keep the candle away at least 10-12 inches away from the thing which can catch fire.
  • Safety measures taken during & after smoking.

Now a days smoking has become a major problems. Some of us are active smokers and many of us are passive smokers. Many of us are very much addicted to smoking and has now become passion to smoke in room.

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  1. Make the bed room off during smoking. if you forget to extinguish the cigarette butt then it can led to fire. The smoke in the room surrounding will make you seek. So let the bed room fresh for sleeping and health breathing. If you are bed room smoker then use the big ashtray or use a cup or glass with some water in it.
  2. Put all the burning materials like cigarette, matchbox, lighters etc away from the children.
  3. Prevent youself from discarding cigarette butt in paper, dried grass, waste cloths leaves or the things which could catch fire easily.
  • Safety measures in using, placing & installing electrical appliances, circuits etc.
  1. Don’t overload a single socket if may create short circuit or may spark due to high load and after some time fire may catch in the circuit.
  2. Replace the old wires with new wires or use very good fire proof wires. Or the wire which can not catch fire.
  3. Heating appliances should be placed away from the reach of children and also away from all the flammable substances.
  4. Major household electrical appliances which consume high electricity like AC, Refrigerators, heaters, coolars etc should be plugged directly in the wall. You can do your best by having separate electrical socket (board + Switch) for each one.
  5. For your home safety switch off most of the electrical appliances when going.

Best Tips & Tricks to Prevent Fire at House

Here is some of the other safety measures which can be used for many your house less prone to fire.

  • Installing and using Smoke alarm at room.

Smoke alarms are very sensitive to smoke and give you early warnings so that you can escape easily with your family.

  1. Install fire alarm inside and outside every room & check for its working status time to time. The interconnected fire alarm will give you best result as one will ring then all will start sounding.
  2. Alarms should be placed high or on the ceiling & away from kitchen to reduce the chances of false alarm.
  3. People who are not able to hear or to increase the intension towards fire you can also use other type of alarms which have lightning and also shakes bed.
  • Have a proper escape plan in the written on the wall. You should also have 2-3 different escape plan.
  • Have 2-3 duplicate key for all the doors and keys are easily assessable during emergency.
  • High smoke can easily confuse you so you should have a good knowledge of assessing every doors & windows of the house.
  • During fire always remember don’t hide inside the house or in the bed or else. Because fire can easily reach you. So during fire always be outside and never return back till all the smoke coming inside the house vanished.
  • If your cloths are on fire then just go outside stay and don’t run before you remove cloths because intensity of fire will increase if you run and it may damage you more.
  • During the fire in house go outside, call on emergency fire number & shout till the people gather for your help.
  • Take care of your all family members, pets & animals you are related to without damaging yourself by fire.
  • You can also use blankets during fire to go outside or to save any one. Never use easily flammable substances such as plastic covers, papers, thin cloths etc.
  • pay more care to the old aged person in the film as they are not able to escape easily during fire due to old age or low visibility.

Comment in the box about the top & best rules & regulations to follow  to reduce the chances of fire in house. Stay with us to get more Best tips & tricks about natural & man-made disasters.

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