Best Tips & Tricks To Crack Jee Mains & Advance-Droppers/Repeaters

Best Tips & Tricks To Crack Jee Mains & Advance Exam Droppers Repeaters

Top 10 Best Tips & Tricks for IIT Jee mains For Droppers & Repeaters

IIT Jee Mains & Advance are the top level examinations in the field of Engineering. More than 1 Million students are filling form for the exam and only near around 10000 students are getting change to get good colleges according to their will. We are getting only two chances to sit in the examination. First time a student who is applying for the class 12 examination will fill the form of JEE as fresher and the student who has not qualified the in the first attempt will get another change in the coming next year.

Best Tips & Tricks To Crack Jee Mains & Advance

There are many reasons or we can say there are many drawbacks in the preparation of student due to which the performance in the exam is so poor. A student who is trying very hard for the JEE exams but it may possible that their preparation are not up to the mark due to which they are not able to qualify the text.

As you all know I have completed my JEE preparation from one of the renowned instate of KOTA (can’t disclose the name). And now I am a Computer Engineer completed BE (Bachelor in Engineering). I was also a repeater and have a good analysis on the failure of students in first attempt of JEE. The following tips are very useful for  IIT preparation without coaching.

  1. Firstly I would like to congratulate the students who has participated in the exam. As we all know student have to face two exams one is their Class 12th Board & other one the most important is Jee Mains. Jee exams has linkage with the board result and if a student get excellent result in the board then they will also get some benefit in the JEE mains result. It is tough for students to get good marks in both of the exams. Some of the students who has qualified both the exams (+2 & JEE) are called brilliant. The format of questions in both of the papers are somehow different (one is short type and +2 exams are known for brief & detail questions analysis).
  2. There are many types/categories of students who are preparing for engineering.
  • Students who are study very hard then they can easily qualify for both of the types are listed in first category.
  • Many students give their first preference to board exam and then after they prepare for JEE listed in 2nd
  • Some of the students who are preparing for both exams but get good marks in class 12 exam but fails in JEE these type of students can be categories in 3rd
  • Students who are not good in any of the exams can be put in 4th
  1. Now I am just describing you by student’s type & category. Students who fell in first category gets very good marks and good result in mains as well as in advance and the topper of JEE is from the first category. But some of the students go for repeat if they are getting marks up to expectations. So I will also provide some of the tips for the students who are good in the exam and are in first category but they are going to re-attempt the exam.
  2. Students who are in the 2nd category or who have got very good marks in 12th but not so well in JEE go for repeat of they have to fill the form 2nd time if they are willing for engineering. Student who are in 2nd category think firstly for class 12 and they may be a daily college student. If these types of student will follow some of the rule as I am going to discuss it in the 2nd section will get much benefit.
  3. 3rd category students are the most in the field as they are taking regular coaching’s from renowned institutes from India from class 11. Institutes are providing faculties for both of the exams. The only major factor will become the draw back for this type of students are their labour. It is very difficult to focus on both of the exams as it need maximum effort and very to very hard labour. And students have to do this labour in the class and after the class. In last two months almost this category student starts preparing for board and due to this they lags in JEE. No problem if your concept is clear and if you have qualified the +2 exam with very good percentage then you will get maximum benefit in the coming exams of JEE.
  4. The fourth category students are average in all the field and if some one is completing the JEE exam with good marks then they can be put in the class of exception.

How To Crack IIT JEE Exams

Don’t worry if you not achieved very good marks in the exams & also not to think much if you not fulfilled the expectations of your parents.

Just analysis yourself and select the category of your type from 1st to 4th and read below the tips & suggestions I am giving you. If you just go through the point I have discussed then you will maximum benefit the next exam or in the next attempt of JEE.

Here is top 10 tips & Tricks for you if you are going to repeat.

  1. Analysis

Friends if you got very good marks in exams and  if your are in first category (good result in both of +2 & JEE but not up to expected level) can go for repeat. The category one student are already an excellent student but due to hard labour and regular effort they can also increase their accuracy.
In the final exam you get very less time and have to select questions that will give you maximum marks. So within a short time you have continuous labour and accuracy will benefit and this will be the major arm in your success.

For all the students the general rule is analysis.

Also ask a question from yourself “What is the reasons of my failures or my success not as expectations?” and write down its answer in at least 10 points.

No one can answer your question better than you. You can understand yourself better and it will take more than 1 days to answer your question.

Make you own diary and write down all the answers.

You will find that their were many weak point on which you have to focus this time so that you can do better in coming exam.

  1. Time Management

You get only 24 hours in a day and you have to take maximum benefit from this only time. Out 24 hour you will loss near to 5-6 hours in sleeping. 1-2 hours you will waste in your daily routine of refreshing your self. Now you have already wasted around 8 hours of your day. Only there are 16 hour left in a day and from that 2 hours you lose in breakfast, lunch & meal. Now you are getting only 14 hours and in only that time you have to labour hard so that you can get better marks.

If you are a fresher or you are a repeater time management will be one of the leading factor in success. Reduce your wastage of time and increase your study time or the time in which you can do some productive task.  If you will make a daily time schedule or time table for your complete day then this will be the best thing and always  follow your time table.

I have already seen many students who make their time table and follow it for just a couple of days. If you are honest towards your timetable and honestly reduce your wastage of time then you will be next IITian. Note: I will explain in detail and provide you best tip & tricks for time management in the coming blog/topic.

  1. Dare to take up challenges & Solve Maximum Question Papers according to Exam Rules.

I have seen saying students that “Despite of Knowing the solving method, not able to solve the question due to time problem”.

The best way to prepare yourself is to solve question papers according to examination hall timing. You should solve at least 10 year question papers and analysis after every paper what the new issue they have to overcome to get better marks.

  1. Monitor Your Preparation & Target the Exam Date

You should have a calendar in your study room & encircle all the exam dates and utilize every day before the exam. Don’t waste a single day because if you are wasting a day it means you have lost precious 14-15 hours of the day and you will never get it back again. Cross the dates and make a note of the day including all the achievements/study you done on the respective day.

  1. Short out all the problems you have faced in last JEE Exam

As you are re-attempting the exam 2nd time and this is your last change. So make the chance as the golden change so try to overcome all the issues/problems you have faced in the last paper one by one.

  1. Always be positive and your thinking should be healthy (Keep Fit, Keep Glowing)

One of the best tips you have to remember is your positive attitude. A student who is preparing for exam go through lots of negative false facts from the surrounding or friends. Just think of the student who has successfully complete the exam with a very good marks and with a good rank. So always discard all the negative thoughts from your mind and trying gain more from your time.

  1. Join test series of famous institutes

This is your last change of giving IIT paper so you should have to join test series of a renowned institute who has a good record of result. Joining of test series will make you to overcome all the possible mistakes you have done in you last attempt. Always try to give your best in the exams and try to not repeat your previous mistakes in the coming test exams.

  1. Buy 10 year question pack of IIT & AIEEE Exams & solve it.

As you already aware of the thought “practice makes a man perfect” and this thought will really help you in the coming paper. The maximum possible practice will add a new confidence in you. After completing your syllabus try to solve all possible question papers according to exam rules. I am focusing maximum on exam rules it means, if you will solve the papers with a feel of exam level then this will benefit allot. At-least solve all the IIT Papers of 10 years, it will help you more in your Advance JEE paper. Solving AIEEE exams papers of the previous years will make you ready for your Mains exam.

  1. Be in touch with your Teachers/mentors

Teachers will play a very important role for you in your coming exam. If you are in touch with your teachers then they will boost up your capacity of study and energy also. Techers are like a mentor and they will answer all your questions. They will also tell you stories of your seniors who have already completed from there institute.

  1. Set up your daily goal

Now I am going to tell you one of the best tips and if you will follow it on regular basis then this will increase your change in JEE to great extent.

Set up your daily goal. Before sleeping in night or in the early morning set up your daily study time and syllabus you will cover. Create a detail analysis and time table of 24 hour and strictly follow this.