How to choose a better security camera system for your home- Top 10 Tips

How to choose a better security camera system for your home
How to choose a better security camera system for your home

Installing CCTV camera means securing your assets, your home, and your shops. Now a day’s CCTV footage has become one of the biggest evidence for any of the suspicious activities. There are lots of benefits of installing a CCTV camera at your home. It has been seen that CCTV camera at a place reduced the crime rate, helps you to keep your record digitally, you will have a peace in mind if you assets or home is under CCTV surveillance.

Always keep in mind to install a high quality night vision camera to keep an eye 24*7 on your assets. There are many technical points which you should keep in mind before taking a CCTV Camera Installation Services from CCTV dealers.

  • Does your security camera have an internal Storage slot or not? If not then ask for the footage storage space.
  • The video quality of Camera– Before buying a CCTV camera, you should first check the quality of recorded videos especially for night recordings.
  • Camera Range– Must see the range of camera and the quality of its recorded videos. Try to have a high definition camera with a good range.
  • Horizontal & vertical rotation- If you are installing a camera outside your home then it should have a horizontal and vertical rotation. It is not mandatory but having this rotating camera will have better coverage.
  • Is your camera waterproof? – You outside camera must be weatherproof. The camera should not heat or damaged due to summer sun heat. It must be waterproof to have an eye on all the activities when it is raining.
  • CCTV Camera can work with different DVR– the CCTV camera which you are going to install in your premises must compatible with different DVR. There are the cases in which some of the CCTV cameras work only with particular specified DVRs. In this case, your complete security system will get affected if there will any permanent damage in your DVR.
  • Price & warranty of your CCTV camera & DVR– A CCTV camera will more warranty will be a better option for you. Try to purchase a security camera system after having a comparison from its competitors to know the quality, warranty and price difference.  
  • Can Audio System be integrated with Camera? – Nowadays getting many of CCTV camera come with inbuilt audio mike. Audio has also become a need to get better proof for any evidence with the footage. You can also install separate mike with your camera but your DVR should have audio ports.
  • Can see footage on mobile:- No DVRs are configured with mobiles to see the live footage. If you have smartphones, then try to buy a DCR which is compatible to be configured with your mobile phones to broadcast the live footage which you are not at your home or office or at your shop. Visit us regularly for more technical Tips and Tricks.

CCTV camera can be said to be the 3rd eye which is working for 24*7 to protect you. There are countless benefits of installing CCTV camera at your home, office or your business place. It helps to reduce crime, helps to monitor activities, helps you to take decision easily, keep your records digitally, you will have a peace of mind.