Top 15 Home Remedies to Stop Excessive Sweating | Natural Tips to get rid of Odor

Best Tips Tricks Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating
Best Tips Tricks Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

Best Home Remedies to Stop Excessive Sweating underarms

Sweating is good for health and it helps our body to drop down the temperature. There are more than 3 Million sweat glands in our body and it releases sweat according to the need of our body. The activity states just a few months after the birth. Thermoregulation is body process and our brand sends out signals and it helps in to cool down the body temperature. Following are the major causes which initiate this process of cooling. You will feel the excessive sweating in your toe, in your palm or under the toe. Must see below the causes and Best Tips Tricks Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating.

General Causes of Excessive Sweating

  • If we are in a hot environment then after some time we observe that our body starts sweating. The reason behind this is that our body heats up and for cooling it our body releases sweat.
  • If we indulge our self in any general activity or any physical work then mostly we will feel. The best and simple example you can observe, if you are running or you are doing the workout in Jim then mostly you will sweat.
  • If it is winter and our surrounding temperature is low then we will not get affected by hot and spicy food. If the temperature is high or sunny summer day then mostly we fill it if we are eating hot food or breakfast.
  • If we are ill or we are giving you a very simple example. If you are suffering from fever then almost all the persons will feel. If you are body temperature is very high and you are taking medicine to control the fever then your body temperature drops down after taking antibiotic or medicine. The body temperature will only drop down if only it will release heat to the environment through the holes at your body surface.
  • Sometimes if you are in a panic situation or you are feeling very stress due to some reason then also your body release excessive sweat.
  • If you are in your puberty then this is also one of the reasons for the excessive release of sweat.

Sweat is now not a problem but the excessive release of excessive moisture out of skin pores leads to many problems. Excessive moisture released from the armpit pores leads to odour.

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Why our body odour due to excessive sweat?

You have observed that if you have hair in your armpit then you will feel more odor from it. The reason behind this is that moisture gets trapped in the hair and natural bacteria on our skin feed on the sweat and release the smell. As we all know the moderate warm condition is the most ideal condition for bacteria to grow & because of that we smell more odor. Men who is in their puberty releases more moisture than the women as the apocrine glands are more active in men.

Best Tips for Excessive Sweating & Body Odor 

Now we are discussed then main reasons behind the excessive release of moisture from your body and the bad odor. Here are some of the best tips tricks and home remedies which you will follow to get rid of your general problem.

  1. Use of Lemon

Lemon is a citric food having plenty of citric acid in it and its use can definitely solve your problem, but you have to follow some of the precautions.

Precautions:- after using of lemon don’t go in sunlight or we can say the best time to use this remedy at night before you go to your bed.

  • You can use lemon with baking soda

Use one spoon of lemon juice and baking soda in a cup or bowl. The baking soda should be mixed so that you can make a paste of it. Apply the paste on your armpit after removing your hair. Wait for almost half an hour and then wash it.

Use it for a least one week, you will feel the change in the release of moisture and also it is one of the best remedies for body odour.

  • You can use Lemon Juice

if baking soda is not available at your home then you can also use lemon juice to solve your problem. Apply juice at your armpit and you can leave it for the whole night or you can wash it after half or after an hour. The lemon juice will also help in reducing the armpit odour and you will feel refreshed.

  1. Use of Camphor with edible Coconut oil
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Coconut old is used in Asian regions like India, Srilanka etc for any purposes and this will help you in solving your problems.

Use of one/two teaspoon of coconut oil with crushed camphor & put in a bold. Stir it till it will yield in a paste. Apply the paste in your armpit for almost 30-60 minute before you go to your bed. Watch the whole area and repeat this for almost 10-15 days and you will get the change.

  1. Using Tomato juice in your daily drink.

Tomato is an antioxidant and it can be used to reduce the amount of your perspiration.

Use one to two glass of tomato juice daily as a regular drink and take it regularly for 15-20 days and then after taking it on an alternate day basis. You will surely feel the difference.

  1. Taking Magnesium rich food in your daily diet.

The excessive release of moisture from your body can lead to the deficiency of magnesium in your body. Take magnesium rich food such as Green leafy vegetables, Broccoli, Potatoes, Whole grains, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, Bananas etc. can help you to regulate your body temperature. If you are diabetic then avoid using potatoes in your daily diet. These foods will also reduce your anxiety which is another strong cause of sweating. If you are in touch with your family doctor then you can also ask for the magnesium supplement.

  1. Using Wheatgrass Juice

Have you heard of wheatgrass juice? It is very high energetic & very rich source of such nutrients as vitamin A, C, B-12, B-6 and folic acid. The juice you are taking will control the activity of acids and toxins in your blood and certainly, it will reduce the body moisture.

  1. Lose your excess weight

Excess weight is one of the reasons for more release of body moisture. A person who has excess weight get tired quickly and they are sweating more in compression to the healthy one. So try to use the natural homemade weight loss tips and after losing weight you will certainly feel better.

  1. Use of Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the richest sources of water and you can use it in many ways to reduce the excessive pore moisture that is coming out of the body. Try to rub the small piece of watermelon on the reasons which are sweating excess. Use it twice or thrice a day and certainly you will get the benefit. You can also eat the watermelon in the morning or you can take it with your dinner to get good benefits.

  1. Avoid Smoking and Drinking
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If you are smoking or you are addicted to alcohol then this can also be one of the reasons for excessive sweating of your body. Try to reduce the use of alcohol and after some time avoid alcohol and also stay away from the cigarette.

  1. Using Grapes in your daily breakfast

Grapes are one of the best antioxidant fruit we are consuming. This natural antioxidant will balance your body temperature and will certainly reduce your problem.

  1. Avoid taking Caffeine.
  2. Avoid taking hot baths in the summers
  3. Try to use loose cloths which are made of fibres or cotton.
  4. Shave the excess hair of your body to reduce the odour and excessive sweating
  5. Use a good deo or body spray which is not so much strong in smell.
  6. Avoid eating sugary, spicy and chemically-processed foodstuff.

Simple Daily Diet Plan To Reduce Excessive Sweating & Body Odor

Here are some of the new latest tips for your daily diet plan.

  1. Use of Excess water in your daily diet. Try to drink excess water. Use should also use seasonal fruits in your daily breakfast.
  2. Low-fat milk can also be used in the morning or in the night after the meal.
  3. You can also use calcium-rich food or calcium supplement.
  4. You should must use green leafy vegetable in your daily diet as this will increase your body health, face charm & immune system and much more….
  5. Green Tea can also be taken to reduce sweat.

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