Best Ideas For Pollution Free Diwali Celebration, Say No to Crackers This Year

Say No to Crackers This Year and Celebrate green Diwali
Say No to Crackers This Year and Celebrate green Diwali

Best Ideas For Pollution Free Diwali Celebration this year

Diwali is not just about burning of firecrackers, decorating your home with lights, distributing sweets and cutting down cakes, here’s how you can also enjoy, have fun and make this Diwali unique. The festival of lights is for the victory of good over evil. The lighting of maximum no of diyas, candles & decorating our home with earthen lamps on a moonless night signifies the end of negative things.

Say No to Crackers This Year and Celebrate green Diwali
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Given below are some of the best Creative ideas to celebrate a ‘healthy & eco-friendly Diwali‘ with full joy & enthusiasm.

  1. Say no to crackers

Harmful effects of firecrackers on our health

  • Poisonous chemicals discharged in the environment after burning of crackers can affect the respiratory tract, especially of young children.
  • The smoke generated after burning of firecrackers can make a severe impact on people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders.
  • Most of the crackers have metals like lead and cadmium and these firecrackers release very harmful smoke after burning. The released smoke contains oxides of sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorous and carbon which can affect our eye, nose, chest, kidney & even throat.
  • It looks beautiful to see different colours in the sky when firecrackers burst. Do you know, radioactive and poisonous elements are used in crackers to produce colours, and these harmful elements can increase the risk of cancer?
  • The bursting of firecrackers can even increase the chance of miscarriage in pregnant women. It will be better for pregnant women to stay inside the house when crackers firing is at a peak. (Source- Maxcure
  • The huge pollution released during the bursting of firecrackers can also damage your skin. If your skin becomes dull and you are having dark circles due to pollution, Try Best Herbal Beauty Tips to get glowing skin once again.

Now most of us are well aware of pollution’s dangerous effects. Air Pollution is reducing our lifespan by 1.5 years.  To keep our surrounding healthy, say no to firecrackers. (Source- The

  1. Decoration
  • Fruit Candles– Cut the fruit peels in beautiful shapes and place tiny fragrant candles inside them for perfect decoration.
  • Tealight Candle Holders– Use multicolour glass tealight candle holder & enhance the beauty of your home. You can buy them online & it is also available in the market.
  • Make an organic rangoli:- Instead of using colour powder, use crushed leaves, real flowers leaves, green natural grass & food grains.
  • Use cow milk ghee this Diwali– It is considered that cow milk ghee has anti-bacterial property and can purify your surrounding air when it comes in contact of fire. Finally, it will reduce your surrounding air pollution. There are many cow ghee brands available in the market. (Source- Daily Bhaskar)
  • Light Lamps: Reduce electricity consumption and illuminate your home traditionally with earthen lamps, diyas and candles.
  • Floating candles:- Fill your glass bowl with water and float the floating candles in it and put some flower petals or coffee beans to bring old-world charm.
  • Lampshades: Create your own lampshades to decorate your rooms instead of buying these cheap readymade lampshades.
  1. Healthy & organic gifts
  • Say no to crackers & go green this Diwali with organic gifts. Share eco-friendly gifts like 24 hour CO2 absorbing indoor plants, beautiful flower pots, and herbal products.
  • Say no to sugar and give healthy gifts this Diwali. You can share fruits bucket or other healthy natural food products.
  • You can share fruit Juices instead of Sweets.
  • Share some healthy dry fruits like hazelnuts, pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, figs etc.
  • Share a basket full of different types and flavours of tea.
  • Healthy Cookies can be another popular option to gift this Diwali.
  • You can gift yoga or aerobics DVD, mp3 player with relaxing workout music, nutrition bar or health supplements such as a multi-grain snack.
  1. Avoid plastics use
  • Add traditional twist this Diwali– Either it is your party at home, or you are organising big celebration party, use earthenware and biodegradable utensils (plates & bowls) instead of plastic plates to reduce the pollution.
  • Say no to plastic bags or papers to decorate sweets & gifts- Say no to polythene, plastic bags or shiny, colourful plastic papers this Diwali. Try to use jute bags or cloths to decorate or wrap your gifts. We should also reduce the use of paper and try to get bills on mobile. Approx. 4 billion trees are cut down for the paper each year (Source- Quora).

Stay safe this Diwali and away from the fire.  Crackers can create fire tragedy in your surrounding. Stay safe, read Fire Safety Measures & Prevention. Make your surrounding aware with harmful side-effects of noise and air pollution caused due to Diwali firecrackers. Also, make aware your friends and neighbours by sharing this article.